Brooding Baby Pheasant Chicks

If you’re raising baby pheasants, the baby gamebirds need special care to ensure they grow from small babies into strong, healthy adult pheasants.

After hatching, keep the baby pheasants in a chick brooder. The baby pheasants will have hatched with an attached yolk-sac, which will feed the baby pheasants for the first day or two. After that, start feeding baby pheasant chicks.

Baby Pheasant Food

Use a high protein chick starter, such as the type used for baby turkeys or baby chicks. You can buy baby pheasant food at your local farm feed store. You can also give them a little bit of fresh greens to peck at, such as a leaf of dark Romaine lettuce to eat. You should also provide your baby pheasants with fresh, clean water.

Transitioning Baby Pheasants

The baby pheasants often no longer need the brooder heat when they’re six weeks old. At that age, transition them to a secure area like a pheasant coop or poultry house. Transition them to feeding pheasants grower pellets at age 7 weeks, then to standard pheasant food.

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