Feeding Pheasants

Your pheasants, like all gamebirds and poultry species, need the proper pheasant food and pheasant nutrition necessary to sustain the best pheasant growth and development. Without the right feeding, your pheasants may grow slowly, not gain the optimal amount of weight, and perform poorly in terms of appearance and breeding.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System notes that farmers and gamebird enthusiasts have very limited amounts of information regarding the feeding requirements and food needs of pheasants. What we do know about feeding pheasants can help ensure your birds get the vitamins, minerals and protein they need.

For the easiest method of feeding pheasants, buy pheasant food that’s been commercially mixed and prepared by a poultry feeding company. For example, Amazon.com sells cheap pheasant food. When choosing a commercially prepared pheasant food product, or making your own pheasant feed, the NSW government’s agriculture department notes that pheasants consume food that’s similar to feeding turkeys. If you can’t find a farm feed store in your area that sells pheasant food, go with a poultry food product that’s formulated for feeding turkeys.

The best pheasant food has a mixture of ingredients that provide the right amount of protein necessary for the various growing stages of a pheasant. The NSW government reports that pheasant chicks ages 0 to 4 weeks should eat a pheasant food with a 28 percent protein ratio. From ages 4 to 9 weeks, feed pheasants a pheasant food that has an 24 percent protein ratio. When feeding pheasants older than this, including breeding pheasants and pheasant pairs, pheasants should be fed a pheasant feed that has a protein ratio of 18 percent.

If you’re making your own pheasant food, make sure you feed the pheasants a mixture of grains and raw food ingredients that provide the following nutrients: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, B-complex vitamins, trace minerals, sodium, calcium, threonine, tryptophan and lysine, according to the Alabama Cooperative Extension. The extension also notes that, when feeding pheasants, you can also feed the gamebirds whole grain. You may also wish to feed your breeding pheasants a breeder diet approximately two weeks before your pheasants start laying eggs.

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