Housing Pheasants in a Backyard Coop

Pheasants, just like chickens and other kinds of poultry, need the right pheasant housing or pheasant coop to keep them safe and protected from the weather and pheasant predators. Whether you use a pre-constructed pheasant coop, a modified chicken coop or a customized, build-your-own pheasant poultry house sourced from coop plans, make sure your pheasant coop has all the features required to keep your pheasant birds happy and healthy.

Pheasant Coop Space

Give your pheasants the amount of space they need to thrive in their poultry house. When looking at pheasant coop plans, or when buying a new pheasant cage or coop, verify that it’s big enough for the number of pheasants you wish to raise.

The NSW government in Australia suggests giving pheasants a minimum of 1/2 square meter per bird. Of course, the more space you give your pheasants in their poultry house, the happier and healthier they’ll be.

Pheasant House Ventilation

Keep your housed pheasants properly ventilated. This includes the strategic use of chicken wire, coop vents and windows that allow proper airflow. This prevents a build-up of musty air, poultry fumes and dust within your pheasant’s housing. The coop should also be insulated appropriately if you’re in a cool or cold climate, because you don’t want your pheasants to freeze to death in their poultry run!

Pheasant Ranges

Some pheasant farmers allow their pheasants to roam within an enclosed range or run. This lets your pheasants feed on fresh greens and bugs, as well as get some warm sunshine. If you’re building a pheasant coop with an attached range or run, make sure it’s secure on all side and at the top to keep your pheasants from flying off, and to also keep our pheasant predators like cats, dogs, weasels, hawks and eagles.

Building Pheasant Poultry Coop Tips

Pheasants like to hide, because they’re gamebird poultry. Provide your pheasants with a stack of brush or other material when constructing or setting up your build-your-own pheasant coop. This addition to the housing can help make your pheasant housing seem safer to the birds.

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